What is a CRM and Why Do You Need One?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tools can be really simple. They can be an easy to set-up and access shared and secure place for storing relevant information. Or they can be really complex, taking months to develop and linking in with multiple other tools and helping you administer every process in your organisation.

Smaller charities, or those starting out, can often feel intimidated by them. The cost, the time to set-up and maintain, the amount of training, the ongoing costs etc. can be daunting. And they do take a bit of effort to set up, and get used to. However, once you’ve done this, you end up with an efficient and secure way to manage and share your organisation’s information. And if you do it right, you also end up with a system that can evolve and grow as your organisation does.

Here are some of our top reasons why you should consider a CRM…

  1. It Reduces Your Risk – The age of GDPR has brought more obligations (and risk) to every organisation when it comes to handling data – whether staff and volunteer records or Special Category Data. A CRM can provide you with a secure, cloud based storage solution for this data that enables you to set different levels of access for different users. No more Excel files full of client contact details being stored on an unsecure PC, or having to remember who can access what folders. Your CRM can handle this and in doing so, reduce your risk.
  2. They Save Time – Yes it can take some time to get set-up, but once it’s done, it’s done. You’ll have all of your data in one format and in one place. Whether stakeholder contact details, staff records, board meeting minutes or client histories, you get to decide what data needs to be added, the format it should be in and then it is there and accessible, regardless of staff illness, holidays or changes. Adding data becomes second nature, and consistent data means your reports will start to become a lot more reliable, and can be automated!
  3. Easy Reporting – With a CRM, once you’ve got your data into it, you can view that data in all sorts of ways. Reports might show staff shift patterns, the number of clients seen in a given month or year, the amount of donations received as a result of particular campaign and more. The ability to integrate multiple tools into your CRM makes the possibilities endless – if that’s where you want to go.
  4. You Can Start Small – Don’t be put off by everything a CRM can do, instead focus on what you need it to do. What are the things that would make your life easier and your organisation run more efficiently? For some it might just be having a secure, shared and online way for your team to log contact information, inbound enquiries, manage diaries, sickness and annual leave or manage shared resources such as meeting rooms or equipment. Get the foundations right, and it will be easier to add other functionality as you grow – for example, recording service user data, case management plans, donations, fundraising campaigns, marketing campaigns, integrating online forms etc.
  5. It is Cost Effective – Our mission at Enclude is to help charities access technology solutions that can increase their impact, and be cost effective about it. Our eStart and eService packages are based upon a Salesforce* environment and pre-configured to help charities get going faster. They provide the benefits of a tailored and relevant Salesforce environment, without the price tag of a bespoke solution.

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*The Salesforce Power of Us programme allows any eligible non-profit to apply for up to 10 donated full Salesforce licences.