Tender for eSAFE Project Evaluation

1. Overview

Enclude in-partnership with Safe Ireland and Quality Matters are seeking a suitably qualified consultant or researcher to evaluate the implementation of a customised Salesforce system (eSAFE) for 18 domestic violence services in Ireland

2. Project Background

In 2020, Enclude, in-partnership with Safe Ireland, Quality Matters and 18 domestic violence services developed and began implementation of eSAFE – a customised Salesforce system for Irish domestic violence services. The aim of the project is to develop a client relationship management (CRM) system to facilitate streamlining and work-related processes and data management within domestic violence services, as well as to provide high quality data to inform ongoing service development and national policy.

The system has been developed in-line with key principles of domestic violence service provisions, so that eSAFE is women and child centred and promotes confidentiality, safety and improved working processes in services.

Following a successful pilot and testing of the CRM in 2020, the eSAFE system is currently being rolled out to 18 domestic violence services in Ireland. This rollout involves training and the provision of on-going technical support, as well preliminary evaluation work.

3. Background on Project Evaluation 

An evaluation framework and a set of research instruments (e.g., online surveys) were developed by Quality Matters, an Irish research charity, with input and approval by Enclude and Safe Ireland. For the initial six months of this project, Quality Matters was the agency responsible for data collection and preparing a mid-point report summarising findings and feedback from the domestic violence services involved in the project so far.

In this framework, data is being gathered from managers and staff at three points to assess the effectiveness of the system and to measure outcomes across the implementation period. The three points are:

  1. A baseline survey to gather a baseline scores from participants (e.g., pre-test scores) relating to identified outcomes and feedback upon after receiving training on the eSAFE system;
  2. A mid-point survey to gather scores from participants on outcomes after one month post-implementation;
  3. An end-point survey to gather endline scores from participants (e.g, post-test scores) after four to six months post-implementation;
  4. A file analysis to assess system usage, fidelity and other factors.

While Quality Matters was responsible for analysing data and developing a mid-point report, Enclude would like to hire an external evaluator to complete the final project evaluation to ensure objectivity, given Quality Matter’s role in the development of the eSafe system and implementation process.

3. Objectives of the Project Evaluation

Enclude would like to engage an external evaluator to:

  • Undertake an analysis of the dataset, comparing scores at the mid and end points, to assess the effectiveness of the system and demonstrate whether managers and staff did (or did not) experience outcomes using the eSAFE system;
  • Undertake a thematic analysis of qualitative data gathered from the online surveys on the benefit of the eSAFE system and ways to further support services with on-going implementation or improving adoption;
  • Develop a focus group schedule for managers and workers to gather reflections on findings arising from the analysis;
  • Undertake four focus groups with staff and managers to validate findings from the analysis and reflections used to develop potential recommendations for improving the eSAFE system;
  • Develop a final project evaluation report and recommendations for improving the eSAFE system, which presents findings in a clear, readable way, and is prepared to a publishable standard.

4. Methodology

We expect that the methodology will include a combination of desktop work, as well as facilitating focus groups with managers and workers from eSAFE Domestic Violence services.

Additionally, the external evaluator will be provided with access to data gathered at the three points of the evaluation process and the mid-point report prepared by Quality Matters, when completed.

5. Consultant Specifications

The person or people hired to undertake this project should possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • Past experience conducting similar evaluations of projects through a demonstration of past work or evaluation reports;
  • Past research experience undertaking focus groups and/or interviews with participants;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the work of domestic violence services and/or community and voluntary organisations in Ireland;
  • Strong report writing and communication skills;
  • Strong relationship management skills;
  • Ability to work to an agreed timeframe and deadlines;
  • (Optional) Understanding of and experience with using Salesforce would be an asset

 6. Timeframe

The work should commence in April 2022 and be completed by November 2022.

7. Budget Available

The total budget for this work is up to €5,100 (inclusive of VAT). The Consultant will be responsible for all tax, VAT and other associated liabilities.

8. Tender Process

To apply, please submit a tender document outlining the following information:

  • Description of proposed methodology and approach
  • Detailed breakdown of cost and timeline
  • Details of relevant experience
  • Copy of CV of any persons involved
  • Examples of previous work and contact details for two referees

Also, confirmation of valid tax clearance certificate and public liability insurance must be included with the tender.

9. Assessment of Tenders

Each tender submitted by the deadline will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the brief
  • Proven track record
  • Experience in relevant methodologies
  • Knowledge of and experience working with domestic violence services and/or community and voluntary organisations in Ireland;
  • Cost

10. How to Apply?

Tenders should be submitted to info@enclude.ie by the close of business on 18th February 2022. Interviews may be held with potential candidates during the week commencing 21st February 2022.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact eSafe Programme Manager, Dorota Górecka-O’Connor dorota.oconnor@enclude.ie by email before 17th February 2022.