Sylvester Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Sylvester Murphy is a business graduate with a M.Sc. in Management. He has 30 years experience in organisational development and business solutions working with the public, private and non-profit sectors. He served as I.T. Director of Concern and during his fifteen years there led the implementation of the organisation’s global I.T. strategy.

Sylvester was a founding member of Enclude and acted as Board member before joining the staff in 2009.  In his early years with the organisation he lead the set-up of the Enclude Technology Programme which has grown over years to service over 2,500 non-profits.  Sylvester has a deep understanding of the importance of the work of the sector to our society and has supported charities across a range of service areas form overseas development to local community based organisations to frame their IT needs and strategies and deploy CRM, Accounts and Office365 solutions