Adding a new 2018 HRB form


1. Search for a client contact record, and click into the record

2. Select “HRB Forms” from the list of record types available at the top of the screen.

3. Next, select “New Old HRB Form”.

4. In the next menu, select the type of HRB form you would like to start:
         a. HRB form – the standard HRB form
         b. HRB form + NDRIC Assessment – a combined version of the NDTRS Form and a common NDRIC assessment.

5. Next, the screen will display a blank HRB form that can be completed for the client.

6. To start, press the “pause” button if you are not ready to submit your HRB form. This will pause the validation rules on the HRB form, which could prevent saving an incomplete HRB form.

7. Select the correct treatment centre for your service from the list. If your service is not available from the list, contact your system administrator.

8. Proceed with completing the HRB form. Any questions with a number (i.e. Question 14 – Main reason for referral) is used by the HRB form.

9. When you complete, click save.

10. Once a HRB form is complete and you are ready to submit, turn off the Pause button to check if all questions have been answered correctly and the form is complete.

11. After turning off the Pause button, click save. Any errors with the form will be automatically highlighted RED and it will not allow you to save the record until all errors have been resolved. 

12. Click save. When all validation errors have been resolved the form will allow you to save the record. If you encounter any difficulties, click Pause to prevent the error message from appearing and speak with a colleague.

Quick Tip

A version of the HRB form which combines questions found on an NDRIC asssessment is included in the original eCASS. This  “HRB Form + NDRIC Assessment” is a version of the NDTRS form including familiar questions used in initial / comprehensive assessments. This version can be helpful for recording assessment data on a single form and can be easily found later on a client contact record.