Validating a NDTRS LINK Form

1. It is important to review your NDTRS LINK form to make sure all errors are corrected, because eCASS will not allow an incorrect form to be saved.
2. When a NDTRS LINK form is paused, the form can be saved as a work in progress even if there are errors. However the pause button needs to be unchecked in order to save it to export it
3. A new button has been added for 2019 called Check Warnings


Now you can see the errors and warnings in one place, without having to look up and down the form.

4. After turning off the Pause button, click save. Any errors with the form will be automatically highlighted RED and it will not allow you to save the record until all errors have been resolved. See example of error here which needs to be sorted Q13.2 and 21A

5. Click save. When all validation errors have been resolved the form will allow you to save the record. If you encounter any difficulties, click Pause to prevent the error message from appearing and speak with a colleague.