Modifying an existing NDTRS LINK form

IMPORTANT   If you want to edit a 2018 form go to Modifying an existing 2018 NDTRS form

1.       Start by searching for a client contact record.

2.       Select “NDTRS LINK Forms” from the list of record types available at the top of the screen.

You can click directly into the form above (B) or via the client below (A)

3. Next, search the list for an existing NDTRS LINK Form. If you select an existing form, there are two options:
          I.  Select “edit” to finish completing the form; or
          II. Select “clone” to make a new form and copy the existing response into the new form. 

4. Next, proceed with completing the NDTRS LINK form.

5. Once a NDTRS LINK form is complete and you are ready to submit, turn off the Pause button to check if all questions have been answered correctly and the form is complete.

6. After turning off the Pause button, click save. Any errors with the form will be automatically highlighted RED and it will not allow you to save the record until all errors have been resolved. As noted in the instructions on Creating A NDTRS LINK Form  some errors may be on the client record, while others will be on the NDTRS LINK form itself.

7. Click save. When all validation errors have been resolved the form will allow you to save the record. If you encounter any difficulties, click Pause to prevent the error message from appearing and speak with a colleague.