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eCASS LINK Update December 2019 

A further upgrade to eCASS LINK is being rolled out since November 2019.

Key changes include:

  • Client records – Where a client has a NDTRS form since 2019 – ie a new one- there’s a new field which shows this. Once this field is ticked, a series of checks are carried out to ensure the client record meets the new NDTRS requirements.
  • Check warnings traffic lights – There is a new option to ‘Check Warnings’ on an NDTRS form Based on criteria that mirror those on LINK, the NDTRS form will then be marked
    • Red if Warnings have not been checked
    • Orange if Warnings apply, but have been checked
    • Green if No warnings apply
  •  Listviews of NDTRS forms – 10 new listviews which help you track what stage your NDTRS forms are at, and when they are ready to be attached to a report to be uploaded to HRB via their LINK system

You will receive notification when your system has been updated. 


Click here for screenshots regarding issues with Q 19 and Q 27   


What you need to do once your system is upgraded…

For a video of the recent webinar see the link below these two videos. 

  1. Review client records for NDTRS LINK

2.  Use listviews to help you prepare NDTRS forms to attach to a NDTRS report



For further detailed information on the above videos click here to watch the recent webinar 

In the above link jump to
2.25 for introduction
3.25 NDTRS Link package overview
5.25 NDTRS replaces HRB Form
6.58 Overview of NDTRS Link Form
9.00 Open client record, edit Demographic details, Using Get Small Area
13.20 New Demographic Questions
15.55 New Check Box Client has NDTRS Form since 2019
17.50 Creating NEW NDTRS Form –
19.50 Filling in NDTRS Form
24.20 Exit details and Save, ReCap,
27.00 Validate / correct form, traffic light

Info for orgs receiving eCASS LINK for first time:

 eCASS has been upgraded to be fully compatible with the revised NDTRS Form, and includes all new questions and validation rules. Your eCASS system now includes the 

  • NDTRS LINK Form – A revised version of the NDTRS form
  • NDTRS LINK Report – A tool for downloading NDTRS treatment data to share with the Health Research Board via the LINK system
  • Pre-defined NDTRS reports & dashboards – A set of pre-defined reports built by Enclude and Quality Matters to help you review your NDTRS forms.

What do I need to do to change over to LINK forms?

  1. Your system admin will need to make the forms visible
  2. Follow links below on how to create, edit and report both NDTRS LINK forms and 2018 HRB forms or download  our user guide eCASS NDTRS LINK User Guide


  • For questions about the LINK system and the revised NDTRS questions, please feel free to contact the Health Research Board by email ([email protected]) or by phone (01 234 5000).
  • For questions about using the eCASS system, please feel free to contact Enclude’s Membership Team through the members’ support dashboard. (If you have do not know the password for this area, please contact [email protected])