Manus Hanratty – A New Start

25 days into my new role as CEO at Enclude and its been a rush of information overload but also an incredible introduction to a charity that is dedicated to helping and supporting other charities though provision of IT products and services. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the overall charity sector which ultimately leads to better lives for the service users and a better more inclusive society.

Thank you to all my friends and work associates for the kind words of support. I certainly picked a bad time to start at Enclude, May 1st, right in the middle of Covid-19 shutdown!

Already I’m full of concerns about  the challenges ahead to continue to support the charity sector and excitement at the prospect of doing more than ever to empower charities and in particular their service users.

One thing for sure is that remote working is here to stay. At Enclude the practice of remote working is well and truly tested and seems to fit our business and our culture. The one big obvious gap of course is human contact which is essential for us in terms of our culture and of course the primacy of the client relationship.

A few other thoughts have been re-enkindled in my mind in the past few weeks. Our charity sector is vital for society, our economy, jobs and the many service users who depend heavily on charity services. It also provides opportunities to many 1000’s of people who wish to volunteer their time and expertise to charities all across the country.

This sector needs to be much more appreciated in terms of support, recognition and funding. I personally don’t like the term “funding”, what the sector needs is “payment for services” provided in recognition of the great work charities do.

Well that’s enough for today. I certainly welcome any comments.