“If someone asked me what Enclude has done for Meath Transport/Flexibus, I’d say it has changed us- completely, totally and absolutely. We went from having no information management system to having one that’s fantastic”

Miriam McKenna, Manager




Flexibus Locallink provide rural transport to Meath, Louth and Fingal. They needed a solution that would support their Passenger Management and Bus Management needs.


The result was the development of a comprehensive Rural Transport Management Solution for Passenger, Fleet and Driver Training Course Management built on Salesforce CRM. The new systems managed all their core processes via a web based solution. ENCLUDE wrote an app for Android devices to meet the info requirements of the key users of the system – the bus drivers. They access the system through their smart phones. At the start of the day, the app downloads the details of today’s routes and passengers for the bus it is assigned to.


Using the app, the driver can:

    • Complete the standard Road Safety Authority daily bus check. Any items not checked as satisfactory generate a picklist of fault options, from which the driver selects the fault. All faults identified by the driver are workflowed to the maintenance department.
    • Enter the mileage of the bus at the start and end of the journey.
    • Check-in a passenger as he/she gets on bus.
    • Retrieve a list of passengers listed for the current route and notes about the route.
    • Quickly add unscheduled passengers and their companions.
    • Access the passenger’s emergency details if required.
    • Fuel purchased, and mileage at fill, can be logged directly into Salesforce and reconciled with the fuel invoices and bus performance.
    • Depending on data availability and cost, data logged during the journey can either be sent directly into the Salesforce CRM or stored and downloaded back at base.


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