eSAFE – Information Management Solution for Domestic Violence Services

The vision behind the project was to collaboratively develop an affordable client relationship management (CRM) system that will cater for a diversity of needs in domestic violence services. eSAFE aims to streamline work and the develop high-quality data to inform service development and national policy.

eSAFE has been developed by Enclude in partnership with Safe Ireland and Quality Matters. Currently, 25 domestic violence services across Ireland are members of the eSafe Programme.

eSAFE clinics

eSAFE clinics are monthly meetings for eSAFE system administrators. The purpose of the clinics is to resolve any issues related to using eSAFE, exchange experiences and build Community of Practice. The clinics are paused for July and August 2023, but will come back after the summer.

eSAFE User Guide

For all eSAFE users

  1. Introduction to eSAFE and system navigation updated
  2. Enquiries and Transfer to Client file updated
  3. Referrals updated
  4. Interventions updated
  5. Refuge and Safe House updated
  6. Initial and Full Assessment
  7. Safety Planning and Support Planning updated
  8. Court Oders and Court Accompaniments updated
  9. Group work
  10. Child specific work
  11. Consent to share information
  12. Complaints, Accidents/Incidents, Refusal of medical treatment
  13. Reports updated
  14. Changing file names
  15. Recording multiple abusers NEW
  16. Multi-client meetings NEW
  17. Training and awareness NEW

For System Admins

  1. User set up
  2. Programme, Queues and Location set up
  3. Scheduling a weekly data export
  4. Resetting passwords
  5. Multi Factor Authentication – webinar slides
  6. Multi Factor Authentication – how to turn it on
  7. Multi Factor Authentication – guide for the users
  8. Recycle Bin – retrieving accidentally deleted records
  9. Editing the Home Page Dashboard
  10. Prevent a standard user from deleting records
  11. Updating picklist (Outcome of Refuge Request example) NEW
  12. How to switch on enhanced domains NEW
  13. Using data quality dashboard NEW
  14. File audit – examples of records and indicators NEW
  15. Refuge room allocation and occupancy – link to recap session 7.04.2022 NEW

Other Resources

  1. eSAFE Guide to System Terms and Sections
  2. Dealing with Refuge requests flowchart
  3. Quick guide to eSAFE securtiy features
  4. Early implementation phase feedback procedure
  5. Support Plan Objectives for eSAFE users slides

eSAFE videos

1. Introduction to Groupwork.

Click here to download from Vimeo.

2.Duplicate management

Click here to download from Vimeo.

3. TUSLA weekly reports dashboard

Click here to download from Vimeo.

eSAFE Training

Click here to see upcoming training opportunities

eSAFE new releases

We continue working with domestic violence services on improving eSafe. Click here to find out what’s new in each package release.

eSAFE Forms

These are the paper form templates which can be used alongside eSafe

  1. New Enquiry
  2. Contact form
  3. Internal Referral
  4. Full Assessment
  5. Initial Assessment
  6. Support Plan Objectives
  7. Court Order
  8. New Accident or Incident
  9. Complaint
  10. Consent to share information

Download eSAFE forms in a zip folder