eSafe new releases

Version 1.26, December 2021

The following changes have been introduced:

  • Service Interventions
    • A new ‘Number of interventions’ field has been added to the screen that appears when you select the ‘New Intervention’ button.  This allows you to group together multiple interventions and capture in a single record without losing data on the number of individual interventions. The default value for this field is 1. A new Dashboard (Interventions Dashboard 2) and set of reports have been created to use the new field.
    • When using the New Intervention button to create an intervention for an under 18 client it is now possible to choose the intervention type, which defaults to Child Service Provision.
  • An alert has been added to the Enquiry page layout if the Client ID entered on the enquiry record is different from the Client id on the linked Client Contact record. Note: you only need to add the Client ID to the enquiry record if this is being manually assigned for a new client or if the record relates to an existing client with a client ID who has not yet been entered on the system.   A new chart has been added to the Data Quality Dashboard showing a list of enquiries with non-matching client IDs.
  • A ‘New External Referral’ button is now available from a Dependent record, which can be used for a child protection notification.
  • Permission sets esafe Standard User and eSAFE Administrator have been updated so that by default only an administrator will be able to add and edit rooms (accomodation units) in a Refuge or Safe House Programme.
  • When you change the status of a Group work Internal referral from Active to any other value, any future attendance records related to that referral record will be deleted so that the client will no longer appear on the ‘Update Attendance’ list for future sessions.
  • The mechanism for flagging duplicate Internal Referrals (where one client has more than one active internal referrals for the same service) has been updated through the provision of a new matching rule, and the related reports in the Data Quality dashboard have been updated so that records that are not really duplicates should not be picked up. A video on duplicate management will be available shortly.
  • Report/Dashboard changes
    • On the Data Quality dashboard the ‘Reason Unavailable by Date’ chart has been changed from a bar chart to a stacked bar chart to better display the data.
    • The ‘Past interventions in booked status’ report has been updated to exclude occupancy and group work attendances, which are better reported by session or date.
    • Filters on reports from the original Interventions dashboard have been updated to make them more consistent.