Enclude Data Services – System Health Check

System Health Check
When everything from service delivery to funding to strategy and staffing needs are defined by data, and everyone in the organisation has a role to play in storing it, using it and keeping it secure, it’s important to ensure your system is well maintained.

What is it?
A System Health Check helps you spot both actual and potential problems in your Salesforce system settings and standards. It is a process of evaluating the security, performance and scalability of your Salesforce org that reduces risk of data loss or breaches. It involves checking various aspects of your org such as security settings and policies, customisations and configurations.
Frequent running of a System Health Check allows you to ensure that your system and data are being managed in the best possible way.

How much will it cost?
As a member of the Enclude CRM Membership Programme this service is available using your Support Hours. The length of time may vary depending on the volume of data stored and the complexity of your Salesforce org, but starts from 2 hours which includes the running of the System Health Check along with delivery of a status and recommendations report.

How to request a System Health Check

  • Log into Member’s Corner
  • Raise a case requesting a System Health Check
  • One of our team will be in touch to confirm timings

What happens then
Enclude will run this System Health Check for you, and then provide you with a report flagging up any actual or potential issues with the health of your Salesforce security settings, along with recommendations for how these can be addressed. Recommendations are clear, actionable and prioritised.

Please Note – The System Health Check is just that, and doesn’t include the resolution of any issues. If you’d like Enclude to support you in resolving any issues flagged, or implementing any recommendations, please arrange a follow-up chat with our team to discuss whether this can also be done using Support Hours, or would need to be quoted for as a separate piece of work.