Enclude Data Services – Basic Data Audit

When a data set grows over time, mistakes will occur, gaps will develop, consistency of formatting will be lost and requirements will change. This can have a major impact on the effectiveness of the data when you come to use it, whether for communications, reporting or segmentation of records.

  • Is the information stored in the right format?
  • Why are so many emails bouncing back?
  • Should a phone number be 0875550000 or +875550000
  • Why are certain fields empty in some records and not in others
  • Why did we start / stop collecting this data?
  • Why are we using this field? Do we still need this field?
  • Do we have an Eircode for this contact?

What is it?
Our experienced team will use a range of tools to review the contents of your Salesforce data fields looking for missing data, incorrect / non-standard formatting and duplicates. In addition, they’ll review the range and type of data you’re capturing and what fields are being used, not being used, which may be obsolete etc.

How much will it cost?
As a member of the Enclude CRM Membership Programme this service is available using your Support Hours. The length of time may vary depending on the volume of data you have and the complexity of your Salesforce org, but starts from 4 hours which includes the running of the Basic Data Audit, along with delivery of a status and recommendations report. We will also provide an estimate of effort to implement any changes and recommendations.

How to request a Basic Data Audit

  • Log into Member’s Corner
  • Raise a case requesting a Basic Data Audit
  • One of our team will be in touch to confirm the scope and timing of the audit

What happens next?
A report outlining findings, highlighting any data issues and recommending next steps that may be taken to improve / clean the data as well as any process improvement suggestions.

Please Note – The Basic Data Audit is just that, and doesn’t include the resolution of any issues, cleaning of data, merging of fields etc. If you’d like Enclude to support you in implementing any recommendations, or cleaning any data, this would likely need to be quoted for a separate piece of work. Please arrange a follow-up chat with our team to discuss this.