Project and Business Development Manager

Enclude is recruiting a Project and Business Development Manager. This role combines a Project management role with Business Development for Enclude’s cloud offerings and programmes.  The role will also cover business analyst support for solutions implementations. This is a senior level position within the Business Development Team, reporting into the Senior Development Manager.

The purpose of the role is to manage the delivery of systems implementation projects, provide support with the business analysis phase of projects and develop sectoral programmes and client relationships to support Business Development.

Duties and Responsibilities

Programme /Business Development and Pipeline

  • Manage a portfolio of client projects (including one or more sectoral programmes)
  • Monitor and update the Enclude pipeline in the Salesforce CRM.
  • Manage and strengthen client relationships.
  • Work with colleagues to take client feedback to enhance the client offering.
  • Develop a deep understanding of Enclude product offerings.
  • Develop and apply sectoral and functional expertise to enhance the value offerings to clients.
  • Work with colleagues to develop a growth strategy for clients and sectoral offerings.
  • Conduct research to identify new clients and client needs.
  • Promote Enclude’s products and services.
  • Handle enquiries.
  • Develop proposals.
  • Meet and present to clients.
  • Promote enhancements and new features to clients.
  • Promote and support sectoral Communities of Practice to deepen client engagement with product offerings and to gather feedback and feature enhancements.
  • Develop case studies and promotional materials.

Business Analysis

  • Engage with the client and other key stakeholders to understand high-level business objectives and priorities
  • Work with the client and other key stakeholders to assess and understand detailed requirements, and identify where improvements can be made
  • Translate verbal requirements into functional specifications
  • Collaborate with the technical team to produce a solution design
  • Meet with team members and stakeholders to identify and resolve issues
  • Develop a deep understanding of Enclude product offerings
  • Keep up to date with new Salesforce CRM features and functionality and provide recommendations for process improvements
  • Develop and apply sectoral and functional expertise to enhance the value offerings to clients

Project Management

  • Planning the project implementation.
  • Working closely with team members and relevant stakeholders to ensure that all project requirements, deadlines, and schedules are on track.
  • Preparing status reports for review with the Enclude Operations team.
  • Analysing and tracking project risks.
  • Meeting with team members and stakeholders to identify and resolve issues.
  • Managing change requests to ensure that all parties are informed of the impacts on the project schedule and budget.
  • Tracking project deliverables and ensuring that they adhere to good standards.
  • Ensuring good internal and external project communications.
  • Coordinating the handover of requirements to the Enclude Development team.
  • Coordinating the creation of user manuals and training materials and other documents for the successful implementation and handover to clients.
  • Obtaining client acceptance of project deliverables.
  • Working with the Development team to ensure successful handover to the Support team.
  • Managing client adoption/satisfaction within the project transition period.
  • Coordinating project evaluation and identifying successful and unsuccessful project elements.
  • Monitoring the budget and ensuring that Enclude management are alerted if it is likely to be exceeded.

Other duties

  • Share the promotion of the overall Enclude programmes.
  • Attend staff meetings.
  • Actively participate in the core Enclude team to develop Enclude’s capacity to better deliver our mission.
  • Any other tasks, consistent with your position, as requested by the Enclude Strategy and Operations team.

Desirable requirements

  • Experience in non-profits
  • Experience in Project Management
  • Experience in Salesforce.
  • Experience gathering Client requirements
  • A suitable project management qualification / degree.

Disposition :

  • An interest in and commitment to the ethos of the not-for-profit sector.
  • A can-do attitude with a focus on continuous improvement.
  • Ability to work with initiative and take responsibility for a functional role and willingness to support colleagues.


  • Full Time (37.5 hours per week), contract
  • Pay:  € 42,633 – €44,853
  • Location: This is a hybrid role with the Project and Business Development Manager expected to attend the office a minimum of 2 days a week.

Applications for the position may be made by sending a CV with cover letter clearly demonstrating relevant experience and suitability for the role to

Closing date for applications is 5pm on Monday 26th February 2024.

Interviews will be scheduled the week of 5th March 2024.

Enclude is an equal opportunity employer


Dublin Simon Outreach Team – Case Study

As part of an overall Salesforce Simon 360 CRM digital solution for Dublin Simon Community, Enclude developed an app in partnership with the Outreach team. This works in the office and on mobile phones, so can be used as the Outreach staff are on the streets or in the office.

Outreach staff can see where the rough sleeper is, respond to the alert and update the contact attempt status while they are out and about or in the office.


Dublin Simon Outreach Team – Case Study

The Problem

The Dublin Simon Community Outreach team work with people who are sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin. They receive emailed rough sleeper alerts via the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive (DRHE) in two different formats.

The Outreach team alert must follow up within a certain timeframe and further follow up work is required depending on the context of each alert.

Tracking the alerts response times and contact attempts is complex and takes a lot of time. It is difficult for the Outreach Manager and staff to coordinate and check contact attempts and responses.

Training new staff on the Outreach team to track and respond to the alerts properly is difficult and time-consuming.

Staff spend a lot of time on administration which could be spent helping those sleeping rough.

Reporting to the DRHE takes a lot of time and effort for the Outreach Manager.

The Solution

As part of an overall Salesforce Simon 360 CRM digital solution for Dublin Simon Community, Enclude developed an app in partnership with the Outreach team. This works in the office and on mobile phones, so can be used as the Outreach staff are on the streets
or in the office.
All of the alerts from the DRHE come automatically into the Simon 360 CRM and can be viewed by the team on their mobile phones. A colour-coded traffic light system shows the status of each alert.

Outreach staff can see where the rough sleeper is, respond to the alert and update the contact attempt status while they are out and about or in the office.
The Outreach Manager is easily able to check that Dublin Simon Community have responded to all alerts.
The Outreach Manager can report easily on all alerts and contact attempts to the DRHE and on its work to Dublin Simon Community Management.

The Result

Staff spend less time on administration and more time engaging with and supporting people sleeping rough.
It is quicker to teach new staff how to view and update the alerts.
It is easier for staff to see the status of an alert.
There is improved communication between team members on alerts.
The Outreach Manager spends less time checking staff have made contact attempts for all alerts.
The Outreach Manager can easily run reports for Dublin Simon Community and the DRHE.

What’s Next?

The Simon 360 system continues to be developed and rolled out to all services in the Dublin Simon Community including the Outreach team.
This will allow the Outreach team to make referrals and create support plans with service users.
The work done by Dublin Simon Community to help people experiencing homelessness and sleeping rough in Dublin will be recorded in a secure, consolidated environment that facilitates reporting for internal and external purposes.


Go to Dublin Simon to Find out more about the work of Dublin Simon Community 


Download Case Study PDF


Enclude Board Members

Mr. Ivo Meekel – Chairperson

Mr. Alan Sweeney

Mr. Graham Brocklesby

Mr. Tom Slevin

Ms. Kate Longmate

Ms. Colma Nic Lughadha


Nicole Findeisen

Nicole Findeisen, Consultant/Developer joined Enclude in March 2023.

Nicole brings with her 16 years of experience in IT, including technical support and program management, to the Non-Profit sector.

Nicole enjoys tabletop role playing games and fosters cats for the Cat and Dog Protection Association of Ireland.

Catherine Gallagher

Catherine Gallagher, Help Desk Support Specialist, joined the Enclude Support Team in 2023.

Catherine has worked in the non-profit sector in Ireland since 2008, working in services before transitioning to IT and Training. Catherine has a Diploma in Applied Data Technologies and is a Certified Salesforce System Administrator.

Catherine is passionate about animals, sea swimming and volunteering in her local community.

Eamon Stack

Eamon Stack - CEO

Founder and Former CEO

Eamon Stack is a software engineer with 30 years of development experience in the charity sector. In 2006 he co-founded ENCLUDE as he felt strongly about reducing the digital divide that was apparent in Irish society. Since then, he has helped hundreds of charities achieve their mission.

Easing the burden of Admin for Community Workers – Enclude join in the debate

Easing the burden of Admin for Community Workers– Enclude join in the debate

Changing Ireland published a cartoon, on page 13, of recent edition, entitled ‘ Community Work sometimes involves a little admin’ .  The cartoon shows a worker spending years completing admin for the SICAP ( Social Inclusion and Activation Programme).

We in Enclude passionately believe it doesn’t have to be like that. Here is response, printed in subsequent edition, from Eamon Stack, CEO of Enclude

We in ‘Enclude’ were struck by the cartoon in the last edition of ‘Changing Ireland’ which showed a community worker toiling endlessly in front of a computer screen to address the reporting needs of funders. It doesn’t have to be so! ‘Enclude’ is currently working with partnership companies in Dublin to design an information management system that will remove some of the drudgery they are experiencing at present. The system will:

• Manage their interactions with people they serve through the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP);

• Assist with reporting to IRIS (a system used by community workers nationwide involved in SICAP);

• Track interventions made that are not currently recognised by SICAP categories.

In the past we’ve done similar work in the addiction services area, working with the HSE and projects to develop custom-made client care and staff management system. A recent evaluation conducted with the addiction services shows that the system is helping them to generate savings in staff and management time – by cutting out duplication and reducing time spent on administration – worth almost €50,000 per year on average (or 285 working days per year). Addiction services reported that they also saved 89 working days of managers’ and administrators’ working time each year. There was also an annual saving of €18,000 on software licences.

The new system also helped to improve the quality of data available to manage interactions with clients as well as the data available to meet funders’ reporting requirements. Lisa Gavillet, Development Worker with the North Eastern Regional Drugs Task Force told us that: “Our eCASS system has given us a way to record and report on actual contact time, outcomes and progression of clients from a service perspective. This then feeds into a larger statistical gathering exercise providing timely and relevant information to funders and policy makers.”

Turas – Their experience with Enclude

The Canal Communities Training Programme, aka TURAS, is a rehabilitative education and training programme for stabilised drug users. Trevor Keogh, manager, said Enclude’s ‘eCASS’ system helped them support their people to engage more effectively with their care plans and with getting into, or back to, work. “This has really supported client engagement. For example, because of eCASS, clients can now move between addiction services with much greater ease, and staff changes in our own service generate much less disruption than they did previously,” said Trevor. There are benefits for staff too

who have less paperwork to do than before. TURAS operates as a Community Employment Scheme funded and supported by The Dept. of Social Protection, the HSE, the local Education & Training Board and the Canal Communities Local Drugs Task Force.