Mary Berney

Mary Berney - Training and Support OfficerTraining and Support Officer

Mary Berney is an Arts graduate (Philosophy, Sociology and Geography); holds Higher Diplomas in Data Research and IT Systems; and has a keen interest in Lifelong Learning, Social Equality and Education. Her 20+ years’ experience has spanned the communications, commercial (operations) and IT sectors – involving training, change management, project management, process design and data analysis. Mary has also volunteered with various non-profit and community organisations, in her free time, over the years.

Diane Colgan

Diane Colgan

Diane Colgan - Office & Marketing Manage

Diane Colgan has a BA in Business Studies specialising in Marketing and Languages. She has worked in the private and public sector mentoring organisations and providing management support in the Social Economy sector as well as training in the Enterprise sector. She is certified in Training and Continuing Education, P.R. and Digital Marketing.

Beatrice Reilly


Helpdesk Support

Beatrice Reilly has experience of working both in business and in a voluntary capacity in Parishes in Dublin. She is a Qualified Financial Advisor and has undertaken a variety of roles in the Financial Services industry supporting web based applications and working on a variety of data bases. She has over twenty years experience in a number of customer centered roles in Zurich Insurance and AIB, resolving complaints and assisting in the adoption of new technology. More recently she has worked as a Senior Medical Administrator in VHI. Beatrice is currently a member of the Baptism and RCIA Teams in Donaghmede Parish.

Dariusz Hanuszewicz

Dariusz Hanuszewicz - System Administrator traineeSystem Administrator Trainee

Dariusz is 3rd year Computing student of National College of Ireland, currently completing six-month internship with Enclude Ireland. Dariusz has digital multimedia and graphic design background, as well as technical knowledge and experience in networking and systems maintenance. Dariusz mainly fulfils role of System Administrator Trainee and IT Support assistant, while learning many aspects of work in Not for Profit IT organisation.

Enclude is 10 years old! A great reason to celebrate…

Enclude were delighted to celebrate their 10th anniversary with clients, partner organisations, donors and family members at an event in Dublin’s Mansion House. The event was addressed by Senator Joan Freeman (founder of Pieta House), Dr Suzi Lyons (Health Research Board) and Ruairi McKiernan (Member of Council of State and Award Winning Social Entrepreneur).

Since it was founded by Ciaran Hayden and Eamon Stack in 2006, Enclude now has 22 staff (not all of whom were able to attend to be in the picture) and is the largest dedicated charity IT consultancy in Europe.

Christian Brady, Enclude consultant and experienced traditional musician, set the tone the event with some toe-tapping tunes.

Senator Joan Freeman, founder of Pieta House, and currently President/ CEO of Pieta House Inc. shared her insight into value of the information system designed for Pieta House by Enclude.

‘We could see from data that 48% of clients coming to our centres for across country were men. Our first response was ‘Wow, so we are one of few organisations in country that men come to’. But our IT system let us see deeper than that, and on closer analysis we realized most of the appointments were made by women. This key insight prompted our ‘Mind your Men’ mental health campaign.’

Dr Suzi Lyons, Senior Researcher, National Health Information Systems, Health Research Board receives the aggregated data from 60 addiction services across country which use a system that was designed by Enclude. She believes that ‘ eCASS is great example of eHealth, which is about bringing improved population wellbeing, health service efficiencies and economic opportunity through the use of technology enabled solutions”

Eamon shared some of his thoughts this morning on journey to date:

So why are we here? A story ..

Someone rang me up some time ago and said, “is that exclude?”. I said “Near enough but its ENCLUDE, ENCLUDE is about inclusion”. Inclusion is a value that has been chillingly challenge by seemingly excluding decisions of the electorates either side of this little island. This is the right time to emphasise our commitment to building an inclusive society.

Charities have the information about society, particularly about the victims of social failure, that no one else has. This information is trapped in heads and hearts and multiple bits of paper and multiple bits of technology in multiple charities. Enclude believes we can change the world through information liberation, through harvesting and harnessing this data, to focus on where change is most needed and where we can have most impact.

Over the past 10 years Enclude has gone from 2 to 22 staff, has worked with 1600 charities, in this information liberation revolution. Our core consultancy service is helping charities align their core work with the best IT to produce service delivery systems that have the highest impact. And, really significantly, aligning best practice with best IT that generates best of information to drive change. We help all sorts of services, homeless, mental health, youth and elderly, family services and child programs, we share our inclusion technology.

We have been blessed by the most incredible people and partners who have shown up in the most remarkable ways. People with extraordinary skills and generosity beyond belief. I feel so grateful to you.

This is only the beginning for us. We have a strategy that works, our inclusion technology, but our information liberation is far from complete in Ireland. And we are in Latin America and Africa awaits.’

Ruairí McKiernan, Member of Council of State and award winning Social Entrepreneur was our MC, ‘I used to think of Enclude as great place for cheap software. Now I realise there’s so much more than that. They are a gem of an organization, but still a relatively hidden one.’ Ruairí was in particular very supportive of vision of ‘information liberation’.


Enclude provide Tech Donations programme to Irish Charities as a partner of Techsoup Global, a US based non profit who coordinate the tech donations programme across the globe. Software from Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Cisco and other leading software companies is made available to registered charities at radically reduced rates.  Irish charities who accessed software through this programme made on average €6000 in savings last year.  Peter Lauffs, Senior Director of Network Development for, represented Techsoup at the Enclude 10 event. ‘We are excited about all the great progress you and Enclude have made (22 staff is amazing!) and wanted be present to celebrate with you.’