Sylvester Murphy

Sylvester Murphy - Deputy CEOChief Executive Officer

Sylvester Murphy is a business graduate with a M.Sc. in Management. He has 30 years experience in organisational development and business solutions working with the public, private and non-profit sectors. He served as I.T. Director of Concern and during his fifteen years there led the implementation of the organisation’s global I.T. strategy.

Sylvester was a founding member of Enclude and acted as Board member before joining the staff in 2009.  In his early years with the organisation he lead the set-up of the Enclude Technology Programme which has grown over years to service over 2,500 non-profits.  Sylvester has a deep understanding of the importance of the work of the sector to our society and has supported charities across a range of service areas form overseas development to local community based organisations to frame their IT needs and strategies and deploy CRM, Accounts and Office365 solutions

Eamon Kelly

Eamon Kelly - Lead DeveloperCTO

Eamon Kelly is a Computer Engineering graduate who has also lectured in the field. He has substantial experience of managing engineering teams and also spent two years working as a volunteer in Ghana, developing and installing IT systems for UNICEF and their partners. He has wide experience in the voluntary sector, having mentored various non-profit organizations in IT, and developed database systems for counselling services.

Eamon has received the following Salesforce Certifications

Salesforce Certified Administrator

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

Salesforce Certified Nonprofit Cloud Consultant

Paul Donnelly

Paul Donnelly - AccountantAccountant

Paul Donnelly is a Chartered Management Accountant who has worked for the Charity Commission of England & Wales, the Ombudsman’s Office, and in Uganda as an accountant. Since returning to Ireland he has worked in various roles building systems of management in the non-profit sector.


Elizabeth Kelly

Elizabeth Kelly - Senior Development ManagerSenior Development Manager

Elizabeth Kelly is our Senior Development Manager. She has responsibility for meeting new clients and working with them on their CRM journey.  She also writes our funding proposals and is in charge of HR for Enclude.

She has experience in both the Business and Non-Profit sectors, having worked as a trainer with UNICEF in Ghana and as Programme Manager for Church Support in Dublin. She has worked as a Documentation expert, and as a Technical Writer in the Localisation, Security and Energy Management industries. Before joining Enclude she was General Manager for a US Telecommunications Company in Bray Co. Wicklow. Her areas of expertise include Team Management, Project Management, Documentation and Training.


Maeve Kerney

Maeve Kerney - Lead Developer / Training and Support ManagerLead Developer

Maeve Kerney is a Computer Engineering graduate with over 30 years’ experience in software development, quality assurance, systems analysis and project management.

Maeve has been working with Enclude for 7 years. Her Salesforce certifications include Non-Profit Cloud Consultant, Platform Developer and Pardot Specialist.

Maeve spent two years with Concern Bangladesh in a voluntary capacity building on existing IT systems and training staff to use these effectively, and has also volunteered with a number of Irish charities.

Mick Roberts

Mick Roberts - Developer/ConsultantDeveloper/Consultant

Mick Roberts is a Developer/Consultant for ENCLUDE and is a Law Graduate from Queens University Belfast. Since then he has transitioned to IT and has over 30 years experience in various IT roles including software development and design, project management and general IT Management. He has worked mainly in the insurance and financial services industry.

Marge Fitzsimons

Marge Fitzsimons - Senior Office, Finance and Programme AdministratorTechSoup Programme & Office Manager

Marge is our Office Manager and TechSoup Programme Manager leading the Enclude Tech Donations Programme Team. She is an Accountant Technician and has experience in the public and private sectors but more recently in the charity sector where she has worked in database management and finance.

Marge also enjoys Dragon Boat paddling and races both at home and abroad.

James Quinn

James Quinn - Support Team Leader

Support & Training Manager

James Quinn has worked with Enclude since 2015 and is the Support and Training Manager. He is a Certified Salesforce System Administrator with extensive knowledge of Salesforce implementations in the Non-Profit sector.
James has a background in IT, fine arts, website development and training and as part of the Enclude Support Team has resolved thousands of support cases over the years.

Christian Brady

Christian Brady - ConsultantConsultant

Christian Brady has a Higher Diploma in Data Analytics. He also has seven years of experience in providing I.T. based solutions for the retail sector in Australia and has worked on community development projects that aimed to work towards social justice and address homelessness in Australia and the UK.

Pedro Gonzalez

Pedro Gonzalez - Data Analyst

Data Service Manager Pedro Gonzalez has a degree in industrial and labour relations, and is a specialist in data analytics. Since joining Enclude in 2009 Pedro worked remotely from Caracas until May 2018, in June 2018 Pedro relocated to Ireland to continue offering his services as Data Service Manager. As a data quality and migration process enthusiastic, Pedro has been collaborating with developers and integration specialists in Enclude on multiple projects always aiming for the highest possible quality of deliverables.