Enclude Adoption Tips

Enclude Adoption Tips

You want a CRM. You have seen the wonderful ones that other people have and now you see just how much it could help your organisation

But getting the system is only the first step – you have to make sure that your staff are happy to use it. Otherwise you have wasted time and money for your organisation – when we are all short of both.

Here are ENCLUDE’s top tips for user adoption

Include staff from the start

Let them know that your organisation is considering this.  Have a meeting and get their feedback on why they would or wouldn’t want a CRM.  Talk about the parts of their work it will help.  Perhaps it’s as simple as being able to book a meeting room on the system. Get them to help identify these so that everyone feels a winner in the early phases. They may have some great ideas that you have not even thought of!

Let them know what the CRM will not do – it’s not a magical cure for everything. Otherwise people may get disillusioned when it is put in and they realise that it won’t make the coffee!

ENCLUDE can help by running a workshop with your staff to identify their needs and explain what a CRM will or will not do!

Have value for people entering data

Let’s face it, entering data can be boring. It can be easy to lose motivation to enter the it promptly and fully.

Show staff how entering the data helps them in their work – producing the reports at the end of the month becomes easy and the report is reliable.  Entering all appointments and activities in their calendars lets them see how much time different projects are taking.

Have some dashboards up that everyone can see – how many new clients has your organisation helped this month?  How many cases have been closed? They will see the relevance of their work.

Appoint a Management Champion

Appoint someone as management champion at the highest level who is passionate about the system.  Get them to share this enthusiasm at staff meetings / in company newsletters and elsewhere.

Check the Login report

Keep an eye on the login report and see if someone is not using the system.  Perhaps they need encouragement and more training.  It’s better to do this from the start or people may get more and more nervous of the system and never want to use it.

Your ENCLUDE consultant can help set up a login report that is sent you each week.

Lots of Training

Keep emphasising that training will be provided for anyone who needs it.  It can be done in many ways.

  • Formal training sessions where an in-house staff expert takes the training role.  ENCLUDE can also help with this if you want an outside trainer.
  • Buddy systems where inexperienced users are paired with more experienced ones that they can turn to for help.
  • Mini videos/quick guides to answer common how do I questions.  Again, ENCLUDE can tailor these for your system.
  • If you have staff who are enthusiastic, suggest they do some of the Trailhead training provided by Salesforce. They may even want to do some of the Salesforce exams.  This is a good addition to their qualifications.

Keep an eye on data silos (aka spreadsheets)

Knowledge is power – and people can feel that letting go of their ‘special spreadsheets’ where they currently record information will reduce their value.  For example, if in the past, you always had to go to the office assistant to see if the overhead projector was booked, the office assistant may not be happy that the information is available to everyone and want to keep the spreadsheet going.  Encourage everyone to put all relevant information on the system.  If someone is using a spreadsheet for their work, ask why!


Have some fun rewards, especially over the first few months. Here are a few ideas.

  • Friday afternoon off for the staff member who used the system most over a month.
  • Cake or a fruit basket for the office when everyone has logged in every day for a week.
  • Management serve staff lunch with when the number of contacts on the system reaches a target number.

Easing the burden of Admin for Community Workers – Enclude join in the debate

Easing the burden of Admin for Community Workers– Enclude join in the debate

Changing Ireland published a cartoon, on page 13, of recent edition, entitled ‘ Community Work sometimes involves a little admin’ .  The cartoon shows a worker spending years completing admin for the SICAP ( Social Inclusion and Activation Programme).

We in Enclude passionately believe it doesn’t have to be like that. Here is response, printed in subsequent edition, from Eamon Stack, CEO of Enclude

We in ‘Enclude’ were struck by the cartoon in the last edition of ‘Changing Ireland’ which showed a community worker toiling endlessly in front of a computer screen to address the reporting needs of funders. It doesn’t have to be so! ‘Enclude’ is currently working with partnership companies in Dublin to design an information management system that will remove some of the drudgery they are experiencing at present. The system will:

• Manage their interactions with people they serve through the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP);

• Assist with reporting to IRIS (a system used by community workers nationwide involved in SICAP);

• Track interventions made that are not currently recognised by SICAP categories.

In the past we’ve done similar work in the addiction services area, working with the HSE and projects to develop custom-made client care and staff management system. A recent evaluation conducted with the addiction services shows that the system is helping them to generate savings in staff and management time – by cutting out duplication and reducing time spent on administration – worth almost €50,000 per year on average (or 285 working days per year). Addiction services reported that they also saved 89 working days of managers’ and administrators’ working time each year. There was also an annual saving of €18,000 on software licences.

The new system also helped to improve the quality of data available to manage interactions with clients as well as the data available to meet funders’ reporting requirements. Lisa Gavillet, Development Worker with the North Eastern Regional Drugs Task Force told us that: “Our eCASS system has given us a way to record and report on actual contact time, outcomes and progression of clients from a service perspective. This then feeds into a larger statistical gathering exercise providing timely and relevant information to funders and policy makers.”

Turas – Their experience with Enclude

The Canal Communities Training Programme, aka TURAS, is a rehabilitative education and training programme for stabilised drug users. Trevor Keogh, manager, said Enclude’s ‘eCASS’ system helped them support their people to engage more effectively with their care plans and with getting into, or back to, work. “This has really supported client engagement. For example, because of eCASS, clients can now move between addiction services with much greater ease, and staff changes in our own service generate much less disruption than they did previously,” said Trevor. There are benefits for staff too

who have less paperwork to do than before. TURAS operates as a Community Employment Scheme funded and supported by The Dept. of Social Protection, the HSE, the local Education & Training Board and the Canal Communities Local Drugs Task Force.

Enclude is 10 years old! A great reason to celebrate…

Enclude were delighted to celebrate their 10th anniversary with clients, partner organisations, donors and family members at an event in Dublin’s Mansion House. The event was addressed by Senator Joan Freeman (founder of Pieta House), Dr Suzi Lyons (Health Research Board) and Ruairi McKiernan (Member of Council of State and Award Winning Social Entrepreneur).

Since it was founded by Ciaran Hayden and Eamon Stack in 2006, Enclude now has 22 staff (not all of whom were able to attend to be in the picture) and is the largest dedicated charity IT consultancy in Europe.

Christian Brady, Enclude consultant and experienced traditional musician, set the tone the event with some toe-tapping tunes.

Senator Joan Freeman, founder of Pieta House, and currently President/ CEO of Pieta House Inc. shared her insight into value of the information system designed for Pieta House by Enclude.

‘We could see from data that 48% of clients coming to our centres for across country were men. Our first response was ‘Wow, so we are one of few organisations in country that men come to’. But our IT system let us see deeper than that, and on closer analysis we realized most of the appointments were made by women. This key insight prompted our ‘Mind your Men’ mental health campaign.’

Dr Suzi Lyons, Senior Researcher, National Health Information Systems, Health Research Board receives the aggregated data from 60 addiction services across country which use a system that was designed by Enclude. She believes that ‘ eCASS is great example of eHealth, which is about bringing improved population wellbeing, health service efficiencies and economic opportunity through the use of technology enabled solutions”

Eamon shared some of his thoughts this morning on journey to date:

So why are we here? A story ..

Someone rang me up some time ago and said, “is that exclude?”. I said “Near enough but its ENCLUDE, ENCLUDE is about inclusion”. Inclusion is a value that has been chillingly challenge by seemingly excluding decisions of the electorates either side of this little island. This is the right time to emphasise our commitment to building an inclusive society.

Charities have the information about society, particularly about the victims of social failure, that no one else has. This information is trapped in heads and hearts and multiple bits of paper and multiple bits of technology in multiple charities. Enclude believes we can change the world through information liberation, through harvesting and harnessing this data, to focus on where change is most needed and where we can have most impact.

Over the past 10 years Enclude has gone from 2 to 22 staff, has worked with 1600 charities, in this information liberation revolution. Our core consultancy service is helping charities align their core work with the best IT to produce service delivery systems that have the highest impact. And, really significantly, aligning best practice with best IT that generates best of information to drive change. We help all sorts of services, homeless, mental health, youth and elderly, family services and child programs, we share our inclusion technology.

We have been blessed by the most incredible people and partners who have shown up in the most remarkable ways. People with extraordinary skills and generosity beyond belief. I feel so grateful to you.

This is only the beginning for us. We have a strategy that works, our inclusion technology, but our information liberation is far from complete in Ireland. And we are in Latin America and Africa awaits.’

Ruairí McKiernan, Member of Council of State and award winning Social Entrepreneur was our MC, ‘I used to think of Enclude as great place for cheap software. Now I realise there’s so much more than that. They are a gem of an organization, but still a relatively hidden one.’ Ruairí was in particular very supportive of vision of ‘information liberation’.


Enclude provide Tech Donations programme to Irish Charities as a partner of Techsoup Global, a US based non profit who coordinate the tech donations programme across the globe. Software from Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Cisco and other leading software companies is made available to registered charities at radically reduced rates.  Irish charities who accessed software through this programme made on average €6000 in savings last year.  Peter Lauffs, Senior Director of Network Development for, represented Techsoup at the Enclude 10 event. ‘We are excited about all the great progress you and Enclude have made (22 staff is amazing!) and wanted be present to celebrate with you.’



Is your charity missing out? Millions in savings for Irish Charities go untapped

4 out of 5 Irish charities not yet availing of donated technology which can save them over €20,000 per year on average

Many of the big global players in IT, such as Microsoft, Google and Adobe, make millions worth of software available to Irish charities each year, but many are not taking it up, simply because they are not aware of it. Last year alone, 20 Irish charities made average savings of €27,000 each by availing of software donations through our programme. 

Enclude are the sole Irish partner in Techsoup Global – a network which makes donated software available to eligible charities across the world. Since 2006, Enclude have made over €50million in donated technology available to Irish charities.

Over 1600 Irish charities, including Foroige, Pieta House, Focus Ireland and Peter McVerry Trust, as well as many smaller local charities have already registered with the Enclude Tech Donation Programme via their website http://enclude.ie/technology-donations. But 4 out of 5 charities are not yet signed up, which means they are missing out on these savings.

Savings available

A lot of the software available on the Enclude Tech Donations Programme is completely donated, which means charities only have to pay an admin fee of 10-20% So, for example, MS Office Standard, which would cost a business over €260, is available to charities for €27

Best-sellers include:

MS Office Standard – admin fee €27

Adobe Photo Shop Elements and Premiere Elements– admin fee €25

Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition – admin fee €4

The average saving on software by Irish charities participating in the programme was €4000 last year. However, there have been significant extra benefits to signing up to the Enclude Tech Donations programme since the launch of Google for Nonprofits. The bundle, which is free to all eligible non-profits and sports groups includes Google Apps, Google Maps, and Google Ads with grants of €10,000 per month to spend on adword campaigns on Google. Charities who get a lot of their clients from web searches, such as counselling or support services, are particularly well-placed to benefit from the adgrant offering.

We often have difficulty convincing people this is not a scam because it seems too good to be true!’

To find out more contact Marge on 01-6535099 or encludeit@enclude.ie

Community solution frees up over €4.5m per year for Irish addiction charities

60% of the addiction services Ireland use eCASS ( electronic Community Addiction Services Solution), a system Enclude developed having co-designed it with both services and funders in the addiction sector, and which has been implemented across the sector in partnership with Quality Matters.

A recent evaluation of these addiction service clients has shown average savings of €70k per annum – in terms of savings on software and time and resources freed up. In addition, there are significant improvements in terms of the quality of data available to manage interactions with clients as well as that available to meet funders’ reporting requirements.

Key findings to emerge from the evaluation include:

  • The average total cost saving per organisation using eCASS is €67,000.

  • On average, eCASS saves managers and administrators 52 hours per month and 89 days per year. Each organisation receives a further €18,000 of free software licences

  • The initial costs ( of 5k per project) were on average four times cheaper than the alternative systems on offer.

  • The overall annual resource savings for the addiction services from eCASS is equivalent to over €4.5m.

  • 93% of respondents reported that eCASS improved their understanding of the importance of data.

  • 91% of respondents said it helped managers to have oversight of staff work.

  • 89% reported that eCASS had provided information to support improvements in their work.

  • In addition to the annualised savings from eCASS, the initial costs were on average four times cheaper than the alternative systems on offer.

Informing better policy

In addition to the savings at an individual organization level, eCASS allows for the aggregation of data across services at a regional level and national level which in turn supports better policy decisions. To ensure eCASS can best fulfill its potential in this area, personnel from local Drug Task Forces, the Health Research Board and academic experts were among the stakeholders regularly consulted throughout the system’s design and development.

eCASS has brought huge benefits as a way to record and report on actual contact time, outcomes and progression of clients from a service perspective feeding into a larger statistical gathering exercise providing timely and relevant information to funders and policy makers.’

Lisa Gavillet, Development Worker with North Eastern Regional Drugs Task Force

Spreading savings to other sectors

Enclude, in association with their partners Quality Matters, are working to replicate the success of eCASS, through the iAlliance Programme, with charities delivering services in other sectors, such as Domestic Violence, Mental Health and Youth Services.

Each iAlliance project will build a partnership of key stakeholders within a particular service area to guide the development of service delivery solution

We have worked with hundreds of Irish charities on individual system to address their information needs and will continue to do that. But we have seen the transformation that’s possible – as well as the fantastic savings in time and money – through collaborative working in addiction services and would love to see other social sectors derive the same benefits.”

Eamon Stack, Enclude CEO

To find out more about eCASS or to explore a community solution for your work through iAlliance,

Contact Enclude on 01-6535099, or on info@enclude.i

Enclude – part of a Global network, which has given over $6 billion to nonprofits worldwide

Enclude is the Irish partner in the TechSoup Global Network, a network of more than 60 of the world’s leading civil society organizations, whose aim is to improve lives globally through the use of technology.

These partners manage a range of capacity-building programs to serve communities in nearly every region of the world. In its 30 years, Techsoup have reached 781,000 organizations and delivered more than US$6.2 billion in technology tools and philanthropic service globally.

What does Techsoup Global Network offer you?

Charities often first get to know TechSoup through our Technology Donation programme, which provides eligible organizations with donated and discounted software, hardware and services. In collaboration with the TechSoup Global Network, Enclude and other partners, give organizations worldwide access to the solutions they need. TechSoup’s catalog includes more 100s of products from leading software companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec.

If you want to know more about what’s available to Irish charities check out www.encludeit.org.

Warsaw Summit

( Photo to follow)

TechSoup Europe Network is the European branch of Techsoup Global. Enclude are one of 28 civil society capacity building organisations across 48 European countries (including all 28 EU member states who serve a community of over 250,000 civil society organisations.

Enclude CEO, Eamon Stack and Tech Donations Programme Manager, Patricia Higgins, participated in Techsoup Europe Summit in Warsaw in late October 2016. 3 days, 100 participants including representatives of over 30 fellow Techsoup Partner organisations from Sweden to Slovenia and from the UK to Turkey.

Key topics discussed were

  • How to support charities to make the most of the cloud-based offerings from Microsoft O365, Google and Adobe, amongst others.
  • What other donors may have an interest in the techsoup partner organisations’ ability to vet organisations as eligible charities? World Bank and Amazon are just two organisations who are tapping into Techsoup’s capacity to support their employee giving and Amazon smile campaign respectively, by validating the nominated charities.

If you have partner organisation in other countries, make sure they check out TechSoup Global Network to find the partner in their countries