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What is a CRM and Why Do You Need One?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tools can be really simple. They can be an easy to set-up and access shared and secure place for storing relevant information. Or they can be […]

eSAFE Case Study

eSAFE is a data management system created specifically for domestic violence services in Ireland that is currently used in more than half of all the DV services in the country. The system enables secure
access to Clients’ history and support needs. It is easier for staff to hand over work after the end of their shift and retrieve the information they need. This leads to more efficient support and follow-up care offered to service users.

Sylvester Murphy

Chief Executive Officer Sylvester Murphy is a business graduate with a M.Sc. in Management. He has 30 years experience in organisational development and business solutions working with the public, private […]

Eamon Kelly

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Eamon Kelly is a Computer Engineering graduate who has also lectured in the field. He has substantial experience of managing engineering teams and also spent two […]

Elizabeth Kelly

Deputy CEO and Senior Development Manager Along with her role as Deputy CEO Elizabeth Kelly also has responsibility as the Senior Development Manager for meeting new clients and working with […]