After research through the Centre for Nonprofit Management in Trinity College Dublin, it was clear that charities were not making adequate use of technology. ENCLUDE was then founded in 2006 by Eamon Stack and Ciaran Hayden as an infrastructure charity and received awards from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland in 2006 and 2007.

Since these early years, we have assisted over 1000 Irish charities to improve how they do their work through the application of appropriate technology that is tailored to suit their systems and processes. We are now the largest I.T. consultancy charity in Europe and continue to help other charities greaten their impact.

Our Inspiration


Peter McVerry

Jesuit Priest and Founder of Peter McVerry Trust

Peter inspires through his lifelong
commitment to work for justice in the world, and his clarity that complex
problems require complex solutions.


Daniel Ben Horin

Founder of Techsoup

Daniel inspired through his work to
establish Techsoup, to maximise the impact possible from technology donations;
and by offering of Techsoup partnership in Ireland to Enclude, at a very early
stage of our development.


Siobhan McGee

Former Director of New Project Development, Centre
for Non Profit Management, Trinity College Dublin. Currently CEO of ActionAid

Siobhan inspired through her work in Centre. for Nonprofit
Management and her assistance in ensuring the work of Enclude was grounded in
strong academic research


Rebecca Masisak

CEO Techsoup

Rebecca inspired through her leadership of
the expansion of Techsoup beyond North America, to now reach 236 countries and
territories across the globe.


Paddy McGuinness

Former Deputy CEO Concern Worldwide, currently
Board Member at Haven, and European External Advisor

Paddy inspired through his recognition
of the importance of work to provide charities with affordable appropriate
technology, and his clear assessment that whilst the time was right to start
such work, no one else was going to do it. ‘Now is the time, and you are the



Austin inspired through his ability to ‘see
ahead’ and to identify appropriate responses to emerging needs. This was
evident in – amongst other actions- his push for an airport in Kerry sometime
before it became a popular cause.


Isabel Kelly

Formerly International Director, Salesforce Foundation, currently
Founder & Principal Consultant, Profit with Purpose

Isabel inspired through her clear sense
that technology should follow a charity’s mission, and that the generosity of
donors, such as Salesforce, should be leverage as much as possible to serve
these core missions.