July 6, 2017
MS Readathon 2016



Our challenge was to move all data and functionality from our legacy database systems to Salesforce, while seeking out opportunities to automate and streamline related business processes.

We also wanted to enhance reporting and monitoring of our campaign activities and enhance communication, to improve donor care to the thousands of campaign participants each year.


Enclude helped map our legacy system processes to the Salesforce platform. They also provided additional code to supplement, streamline, and automate activities wherever possible.

This has provided us with useful automation processes and functionality, improved communication with our donors, and helped minimise administration and manual processes for staff.


Enclude helped provide us with the following benefits:

  • Online registrations are automatically classified and directed to the appropriate staff, with additional information pulled in from their registration and dynamically linked to the campaign in question.
  • Packing lists are instantly formatted and generated at the click of a button, helping speed up our fulfilment and distribution processes.
  • Dashboards and reports now provide much better segmentation and clarity on our donor activities nationwide.
  • Large-volume data is now easier to enter by staff, with a much-improved user interface.
  • Communication with our donors is more targeted and frequent, with outbound emails to provide constant and relevant updates.


Multiple Sclerosis Ireland
80 Northumberland Road
Dublin 4
Phone (01) 6781600

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